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7 Things to Know Before Planning a House Addition in Delaware

Your home is more than just a structure; it's a reflection of your life's journey, aspirations, and the cherished memories you create within it's walls. As life unfolds, our homes sometimes need to adapt and evolve with us. Adding onto your home is a significant step in this journey, transforming spaces to align with your current needs and future visions. At Bromwell Construction, we understand the nuances of home additions in Delaware and are here to guide you through every step, ensuring your home remains your personal haven.

Exterior shot of above-garage addition by Bromwell Construction in DelawareStarting Your Home Addition Journey 

For many homeowners, the most daunting question is, "I want to put an addition on my house; where do I start?" It's vital to have an experienced partner who has the answer to all of your questions at every step of the way. We begin with a detailed consultation, understanding your needs and presenting various solutions tailored to your preferences. From there, we help you navigate decisions regarding design, space utilization, and more, ensuring every choice aligns with both your vision and the practicalities of construction.

Understanding Property Boundaries and the Importance of Space

Knowing Your Limits 

One of the most crucial aspects of house addition planning is understanding where your property begins and ends. Misjudging or overlooking this can lead to inadvertent encroachments, which can have potential legal and financial implications. The maxim "measure twice, cut once" holds true here, ensuring you have a clear grasp of your property's boundaries.

Our commitment as a leading home addition contractor in Delaware is to deliver quality and ensure every addition complies with local regulations. Before any construction begins, our team meticulously verifies property boundaries. We believe in proactive communication, keeping you informed about every detail, big or small. 

Delaware home addition exterior with gray and white siding

Neighborhood Relations 

No addition happens in isolation. Even if your house enjoys a sprawling property, being cognizant of your neighbors is both courteous and practical. Informing neighbors of your plans allows them to prepare for any short-term inconveniences, ensuring that relations remain cordial. It's a simple step that speaks volumes about your consideration and Bromwell's commitment to community harmony.

The Permit Puzzle: Navigating Construction Legally

Demystifying Permits 

The question, "Do I need a permit to expand my home?" is common. Many home addition projects in Delaware require permits, ensuring the planned changes adhere to local construction, zoning codes, and safety standards. This process, while vital, can seem daunting to many homeowners. Bromwell Construction simplifies this intricate task for you. Our extensive experience with home addition projects in Delaware means we're well-versed with permit requirements, making the process smooth and hassle-free. Securing the right permits is about more than just about legal compliance. It's about ensuring the safety of the structure and its inhabitants and aligning with community standards. Whether it's a simple bump-out addition or a more complex primary bedroom extension, our team ensures every T is crossed and every I is dotted, always keeping you in the loop.

Delaware home addition exterior with brick siding by Bromwell Construction

Budgeting Your Home Addition: Costs, Considerations, and Returns

The looming question for many homeowners embarking on a home addition is, “How much will this cost?” Budgeting isn't just about allocating funds; it's about understanding the return on your investment and ensuring the additions align with your home's value and your future aspirations.

At Bromwell Construction, we believe in complete transparency. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we provide a clear breakdown of costs. Whether it's a garage addition, a master bedroom expansion, or integrating a bump-out addition plan, every project gets a meticulous cost analysis. Our goal is to provide homeowners with quality additions that make fiscal sense.

Laying the Foundations: Site Preparation and Groundwork

Before the first brick is laid or the first nail is hammered, a lot goes into preparing your site for the transformation. Proper site preparation ensures the longevity and safety of your addition, and it's a step where no corners should be cut. Bromwell Construction's approach is thorough and uncompromising. Whether it's removing old structures, grading land for stability, or temporarily repositioning fences for seamless construction flow, our team ensures your property is primed and ready.

Beyond the external prep, considering how an addition might alter your home's daily rhythm is crucial. Might you lose access to certain sections during construction? How can daily life be least disrupted? At Bromwell, we’re not just building an addition; we're curating an experience. By charting out the home addition process meticulously, we ensure your life continues with minimal disruptions, even as your home evolves.

Designing Your Dream Addition: From Vision to Reality

Your home's architecture speaks volumes about your taste and preferences. Adding a new section shouldn't appear as an afterthought but should seamlessly merge, maintaining the narrative of your home. Designing the perfect home addition requires a creative mind and a practical approach.

Three-car garage addition in Delaware with stone siding

When you think about custom home additions, think of it as tailoring a piece of clothing. It's about achieving a fit that feels and looks perfect. Bromwell Construction dives deep into your desires, blending your ideas with our expertise. From a new sunlit reading nook to expansive main bedroom addition plans, our team sketches out designs that add space and character to your home.

Consider the Bigger Picture

While immediate needs often drive the decision to add to a home, Bromwell Construction prompts homeowners to think long-term. Will the house addition plans cater to evolving family dynamics? Does the garage addition plan also consider storage needs five years down the line? Our designs are both about the now and the future.Bathroom and closet addition in Wilmington, Delaware with built-in shelving

Crafting Spaces that Echo Your Dreams

Adding onto your home is more than just erecting walls and extending roofs; it's about breathing life into dreams, crafting spaces that reflect your aspirations, and enhancing the everyday lived experience. Every room, every corner, every small detail should echo the uniqueness of the people residing in it. At Bromwell Construction, we recognize the intimate relationship between a homeowner and their space. Our commitment is to strengthen this bond with every addition we craft. Whether you're contemplating a cozy bump-out addition, a spacious garage, or a luxurious primary bedroom extension, our promise remains consistent - to deliver quality, transparency, and a touch of Bromwell magic. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, reshaping your Delaware home into the sanctuary you've always envisioned. Connect with us today.

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