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Design-Build Kitchen Remodeling in Wilmington, Delaware

One of the very first things prospective buyers want to see when they step into a house is a beautiful and up-to-date kitchen. Having a beautiful kitchen that works for you is a life-changing experience. At Bromwell Construction, we specialize in luxury kitchen remodels and are proud to be the leading kitchen remodeling contractor in Wilmington, Delaware, and adjacent Pennsylvania. As a design-build remodeling company, we have been serving the community for over 25 years, initially starting as a small custom kitchen and cabinet shop. Today, we've expanded our skills to the entire kitchen and offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling services to transform the heart of your home into a stunning and functional space.

kitchen remodel with white cabinetry and gold fixtures and view of island with green base

Why Kitchen Remodeling Matters

As we've just noted, the kitchen is the heart of your home, and investing in a kitchen remodel can have a significant impact on your home's value. A beautifully designed and updated kitchen not only enhances your daily living experience but also becomes a major selling point when the time comes to put your house on the market. In fact, kitchen remodeling projects consistently yield high returns on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value report for our region.

Our Expertise in Kitchen Remodeling

Bromwell evolved into a full-service design-build entity in 2015, taking pride in our ability to take kitchens to the next level. We understand that the quality of your kitchen can make or break your daily experience and your deal at resale. That's why we founded Bromwell Construction—to provide unmatched expertise in kitchen design, installation, and renovation, backed by decades of experience.

light gray shaker cabinets in modern kitchen remodel with stainleses steel range hood and oven

Comprehensive Kitchen Services

We offer a wide range of kitchen remodeling services tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require a minor upgrade or a complete kitchen renovation, we have you covered. Here's a sample of what we can do to bring your kitchen up to date:

  1. Custom Lighting: Illuminate your kitchen with carefully designed lighting solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

  2. New Custom Range Hood: Install a stylish and efficient range hood to improve ventilation and add a focal point to your kitchen.

  3. Load-Bearing Wall Removal: Create an open floor plan by expertly removing load-bearing walls, allowing for seamless transitions between spaces.

  4. New Floor Plan: Our talented team can help you reimagine your kitchen layout, optimizing space and improving workflow.

  5. Custom Cabinetry, Pull-outs, and Accessories: Elevate your kitchen's storage and organization with custom cabinetry, including pull-outs and other smart accessories.

  6. Butler Pantries: Integrate a butler pantry into your kitchen design for added convenience, private workspace, and storage.

  7. Flooring, Backsplash, and Finishes: Enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen with high-quality flooring, stunning backsplash options, and stylish finishes.

Bromwell Construction can make your new kitchen as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. The sky is the limit when you choose us as your kitchen remodeling contractor!

Wilmington’s Premier Design-Build Kitchen Remodeler

Whatever you settle on, Bromwell Construction always employs a standard process when designing a kitchen from scratch. The process can be scaled up or down according to your requirements. It all begins with a design that you’ve selected from our catalog or one that you’ve brought to us. We’ll lay out the process for you step by step and assign a project manager to keep you informed about the project’s progress and answer any questions you may have. Our highly trained, NKBA-certified technicians will complete the work with some of the finest craftsmanship in all of Delaware, giving you an impressive, picture-perfect kitchen where you’ll love to spend time cooking and entertaining.

dining table in front of luxury blue kitchen with white island

Frequently Asked Questions

As a full-service kitchen remodeling contractor, Bromwell Construction can do it all. That means our customers often come to us with questions about the kitchen remodeling process. Here are a few answers to some questions we frequently receive:

1. How long should a kitchen remodel take?

Much of how any home remodeling turns out has to do with how you, the homeowner, handle things as well as how effective you are at making decisions about what you want and your budget. Making decisions and not changing them will enable a faster, easier, and more successful project. Take a look at How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take? What You Need to Know for additional details.

2. How much will my kitchen remodel cost?

Of course, your specific remodeling costs will depend on the level of remodeling, the features you choose, and the size of your space. Here is a complete Remodeling Cost Guide to help you get a better idea of how much your remodel will cost.

3. Can I stay in my home during the kitchen remodeling process?

While you can typically remain in your home during a kitchen remodeling project, prepare for temporary displacement and a bit of chaos. Our experienced team takes measures to minimize disruptions and maintain a functional living space for you and your family throughout the renovation. We create temporary kitchen setups, set up dust barriers, and work diligently to keep noise and mess to a minimum. Rest assured, we prioritize your comfort and safety during the remodeling process, but your routine will be disrupted. Many families who cannot function without a dishwasher or easy fridge access prefer to stay elsewhere during construction.

4. Which kitchen remodel projects have the best ROI?

Completely transforming your kitchen can vastly improve your quality of life and increase home value, but even those smaller yet comprehensive remodels can pay off. In fact, minor kitchen remodels are some of the highest ROI projects, at almost 80%!

5. How do I choose the right kitchen cabinets and other materials for my remodel?

Selecting the perfect finishes and materials, including kitchen cabinets involves considering your design preferences, needs, expected use, and budget. Our design-build team at Bromwell Construction Company will guide you through the selection process, helping you choose from a wide range of styles, finishes, and materials. We offer custom cabinetry options to maximize functionality and create a personalized look for your kitchen remodel. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your selections not only meet your aesthetic desires but also offer practical storage solutions and utility.

White shaker cabinets in kitchen remodel with brass pulls

End Your Search for a Design-Build Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Wilmington, Delaware, and the surrounding areas, Bromwell Construction is your trusted local kitchen remodeling contractor. We bring a passion for excellence and a commitment to superior craftsmanship to every project we undertake. Let us transform your kitchen into a space that embodies luxury, functionality, and timeless design.

Get in touch with Bromwell Construction to schedule a free kitchen remodeling consultation at your Wilmington, DE-area home.


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Customer Reviews

We could go on for hours about the quality of our work, our family’s dedication to the craft of home remodeling, and other factors that separate Bromwell Construction from other contractors. But there are no voices more important than those of our past customers. Read what they’ve had to say about the experience of working with Bromwell Construction:


"Bromwell Construction did a superb job in building our new living quarter. Management and the management team were professional, responsive, attentive, had great follow-up, and were very helpful in creating the architectural designs, scheduling the various work assignments, ordering materials for the new home addition and assisting with selections. We highly recommend them."

H. Inden

“We were very pleased with Frank Bromwell's company and their remodel of our bathroom. We live in a very old Victorian house in the City and they were very experienced with old city homes. His crew were great, friendly and very professional. Highly recommended.”

H. Baker

“Bromwell came out and installed a new roof and did an awesome job. I hired them back to do my windows. Start to finish, both times were an awesome experience. Everything looks awesome. Would highly recommend.”

D. McMe

“Taking our bathroom down to the studs and putting in a new one the experience with Bromwell was excellent.”