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5 Things that Make a Great Retirement Town in Delaware

Your retirement years have the potential to be some of the best of your life, especially if you plan ahead for the type of housing and community that will best provide the level of comfort, security, and overall quality of life you desire.

There are many factors to consider as you search for a place to retire in Delaware: proximity to family and friends, senior-friendly housing, weather, cost of living, crime rate, public amenities, quality of healthcare and much more. As an individual, you may prioritize certain variables higher than others based on your health, activity level, and hobbies and interests.

Finding a Place to Retire in Delaware

While there isn’t one perfect spot that matches the needs and preferences of every retiree, it’s helpful to figure out for yourself what are must-haves and deal-breakers. On the other hand, there are a few characteristics that benefit a wide range of seniors. As you look into potential communities for retirement in Delaware, here are five important elements to factor into your decision:

1. Dining and Shopping

As a retiree, it’s preferable to live in a neighborhood that is next to a variety of dining and shopping establishments for you to patronize. This makes it accessible and convenient for you to meet up with friends or family members at a restaurant or do your weekly grocery shopping without having to travel too far. Maybe there are even shops, antique stores and cafes within walking distance for daily outings and social opportunities.

2. Public Transportation

Even if you are living an active, independent lifestyle at the moment, it’s good to think ahead to what you may need in the future. For example, you may eventually rely on fast, frequent public transportation to maintain your independence. There are numerous benefits to using public transportation in Delaware. It is simpler and often more cost-effective than maintaining a car and paying for gas. Additionally, you contribute toward a smaller carbon footprint. For older adults, driving may eventually feel like a hassle. You may even need to give it up at some point because of health conditions. With robust public transportation options in your community, you have assurance you can get around when and where you need to.

3. Healthcare Providers

As you head into retirement, you should weigh your current needs along with those you are likely to face in the future. To that end, it’s prudent for retirees to seek out communities in Delaware that possess quality hospitals, pharmacies, and specialty health providers, such as dentists, optometrists, cardiologists, and other specialists. Don’t forget about mental health resources and wellness opportunities including fitness centers, golf courses, walking trails, or beach resorts. With a robust network of healthcare providers in your community, you have access to the right services for your evolving needs and you won’t waste a ton of time traveling if your appointments become more frequent as you age.

4. Natural and Cultural Resources

During your retirement years, you have more time to enjoy activities that may have previously taken the back burner to work, raising your family, and other responsibilities. Whether you’re a big fan of hiking, walking on the beach and other outdoor recreation, or your tastes tend to lean more towards entertainment and performing arts, find a retirement town that offers those opportunities. Some popular offerings include theaters, libraries, civic organizations, historic landmarks, parks, and other recreational land. These institutions and resources make it easy for you to continue pursuing the activities that enrich your life or even find some new ones. Additionally, there are several Delaware beach towns that are attractive places to retire, including  Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, and Fenwick Island

5. Senior-Friendly Tax Rates

Another consideration for older adults looking to retire to Delaware is taxation. Typically, you have to deal with three primary tax categories: sales tax, property tax and income tax, which includes taxes on retirement and dividend income. Delaware is considered to have a favorable tax code for retirees. For example, there is no state sales tax nor taxes on social security. You are allowed a $12,500 deduction on income derived from pensions. Delaware also has the sixth-lowest property tax rate in the country at 0.56%. Homeowners age 65 or over are also eligible for a tax credit against regular school property taxes of 50% (up to $400) on a primary residence.

Best Places to Retire in Delaware

If you want to retire to Delaware, you’re in luck when it comes to finding a suitable town based on these and other factors. To enjoy the charm of both Colonial history  and East Coast living during your golden years, consider these top towns for retirees in Delaware:

1. Wilmington, Delaware

More than 12% of Wilmington’s population is 65 or older, and for good reason. In Wilmington, crossed by the Brandywine River, you get a blend of beautiful landscapes, historic architecture, relatively affordable living, and cultural amenities. Additionally, there are 10 hospitals within a few  miles of the city. Not to mention that Wilmington has some of the best Christmas lights you’ll find in Delaware.

2. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is another Delaware town that is conducive to comfortable retirement living. The healthcare system is not as extensive as in Wilmington, but there are many attractive qualities.  It has a very low crime rate as life in Rehoboth Beach is on a much slower pace than the northern Delaware towns.  This Atlantic Ocean beach community has a more relaxing atmosphere and includes the Rehoboth Bay for boating, crabbing, clamming, and fishing. There is plenty of tax-free shopping, antiquing, and a smorgasbord of great dinning.

3. Old New Castle, Delaware

Words like small, quaint, and charming are often associated with Old New Castle. If you want that quintessential old historic town experience,consider Old New Castle on the famous Delaware River as your retirement community. With 10 hospitals within a few miles of the town and a selection of trails and parks, you can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle as a senior.

Optimal Retirement Living in Delaware

As you prepare for retirement in Delaware, it’s important to consider the community where you want to settle down as well as your housing itself. You may need to do exterior renovations or bathroom and kitchen remodeling to get your house ready for aging in place. Bromwell Construction Company provides a range of construction services to homeowners throughout Delaware. With our commitment to quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, you can upgrade your Delaware home to contribute to the retirement lifestyle you envision.