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The Best Fall Getaways Near Delaware

Before the weather gets too cold, it’s a great idea to think about a fall getaway. You have lots of options here, depending on your interests. Do you want a place that features some of the lovely fall colors? Prefer to find a beach for a little outdoor enjoyment while you can? Browsing resorts in Delaware for a place to rest and refresh? You don’t have to compromise. With this list, you will discover many popular locations.

Where to Go for a Weekend in Delaware?

A weekend getaway is your opportunity to step away from the busyness of life and connect with nature, your family and the community. We’ve put together a list of our favorites, but you don’t have to choose just one. You could dedicate a few weekends to the effort and see them all.

Cape Henlopen State Park

On the southern tip of Delaware Bay, you’ll find Cape Henlopen State Park. The park has miles of beaches, but you can fill a whole weekend with activities here. You can take a tour through the World War II coastal defense area, perfect for kids and military buffs alike. If you like to bike through the cool weather, you can loop the park or take the Gordons Pond Trail. The park is also a perfect place for walking on the boardwalk or fishing off the pier.

Dewey Beach

Although Dewey Beach ranks among the best Delaware beach vacations, you won’t just love it for the sun and sand. This beach village fills up to the maximum with opportunities to suit almost any personality, from music festivals to outdoor movies. During the fall, you can stay inside to enjoy the nightlife or head to Delaware Seashore State Park for lovely, quiet beaches. The Bay Resort has a private cove with plenty of activities to keep you busy in any season. Request a bayside room for stunning views of the area.


Not far from Cape Henlopen State Park, you will see the historic city of Lewes. Lewes sits on one of the first European settlements in the region, as early as the 1630s. These days, you will find a balance of modern convenience and old-style splendor. Take a stroll down the quiet streets and do a little window shopping, while you find an excellent place to have lunch. It’s an easy walk to Lewes Beach, ideal for fishing or boating. You might want to consider staying at the Hotel Rodney, a Lewes institution that is almost 100 years old.

Looking for other things to do in Delaware? We’ve got a handy list for you.


If you’re hoping to spend a little time in a place with lovely rolling hills, Marydel is an excellent place to start. This city on the Mason-Dixon line offers a combination of historical interest and modern entertainment. If you’d like a taste of the region, be sure to head to Harvest Ridge Winery. Participate in a wine tasting or take a stroll over this historic farm.


When you want a getaway with lots of opportunities for a scenic drive or sites to visit, Middletown is a wonderful stopping point. The city is chock full of historic buildings and beautiful sights popular in the Brandywine Valley. From museums and gardens to parks with delightful fall foliage, you’ll understand why people choose to settle in nearby communities like Bayberry Village.

When you’re done with your fall getaway, it may be time to plan a holiday activity. Here are a few great places to see Christmas lights in Delaware.

Rehoboth Beach

Not far from Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach feels like the coastal town you’d see in a movie. This town has miles of great beaches, with a classic boardwalk perfect for shopping, dining or walking. While you’re there, consider staying at The Bellmoor Inn and Spa. You can enjoy rooms that are redesigned for modern comforts without losing any of the coastal charm. You’ll be just a couple of blocks away from the beach, but you can also find plenty of relaxation opportunities at the hotel.

Which Is the Best Hotel to Stay in Delaware?

The best hotel in the state depends on a few factors, like your location and your goals for the trip. We have identified a few of our favorite options, like the Hotel Rodney in historic Lewes or the Bay Resort in Dewey Beach. When you start to browse your hotel options, look for these features:

  • Access to beaches and boardwalks
  • Shopping and dining nearby
  • Modern amenities
  • Unique themes and styles

You’ll be sure to find one that suits all your expectations and more.

What to Do at a Resort in Delaware?

Staying at a resort isn’t quite like reserving a hotel. Resorts often offer lots of activities meant to relax and engage you. Most resorts make it easy for you to stay busy without having to leave, with options like massage, fitness, dining, entertainment and more. Although resorts are usually catered to romantic getaways and honeymoons, you can find some that are happy to accommodate children as well.

When you return home from your fall getaway, it’s wonderful to see a home that is always ready to meet your needs. Fall is a great time to think about remodeling, so that you continue to love your home in the years to come. At Bromwell Construction Company, we have decades of experience in residential remodeling. To get started on your renovation project, request an estimate today.