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Is Spring a Good Time for a Roof Replacement in Delaware?

Spring is often the time people start looking to do maintenance projects on the exterior of the house after being cooped up indoors for a good while. Chances are, you didn’t get outside too much in the winter for exterior renovations, which means there is likely some cleaning up to do around your property.

One project you may be considering given the nicer weather is a roof replacement. After all, Delaware’s harsh winter months can often have a negative impact on this feature of your home, or at least leave it neglected for several months. But is spring the best time to replace your roof, or could you find a more opportune time later in the year? There’s no short and definitive answer to this question, as each season presents its own pros and cons when it comes to roof replacements.

When Should I Replace My Roof in Delaware?

The best time of year to replace a roof depends on your particular situation. If a large portion of your roof was significantly damaged by a winter storm, and you are getting due for a replacement based on the age of your roof anyway, you should definitely go ahead and schedule a Delaware roofing contractor to do the work before other aspects of your house are negatively impacted. It’s not safe living in your home with a severely damaged roof. However, if you simply know your roof is nearing the end of its lifecycle and have more flexibility to plan ahead for the new installation, here are some factors to consider as you decide when to replace your roof:

Pros of Replacing Your Roof in Spring

One of the main advantages of replacing your roof in spring is the optimal weather. Freezing temperatures during the winter make it a challenge for shingles to seal properly and the asphaltic material is known to lose its flexibility and resistance. In general, asphalt shingles need to reach an ambient temperature of 70 degrees to seal properly. That doesn’t mean it has to be consistently 70 degrees outside during and after the installation, as solar heat will aid with activation, but when temperatures drop below 40 degrees, it becomes too cold to roof your home. Additionally, frost, ice and snow become a serious safety factor for crews climbing ladders and working on top of the roof during the winter. On the flip side, the sweltering summer months can make outdoor work extremely uncomfortable.

In terms of the weather, spring and fall are just right for exterior renovations like roof replacements. With the pleasant working conditions and the extra sunlight provided by lengthening days, your roofing crew can work more efficiently on your project and complete a thorough and quality replacement.

However, by replacing your Delaware roof in the spring, you are also avoiding peak roofing season, which runs late summer to early fall as homeowners rush to get the project done before winter. Plus, summer storms can cause emergency situations that roofers must attend to with urgency. You are more likely to be given undivided attention during the spring and have smoother and more robust communication with your roofing company.

Cons of Replacing Your Roof in Spring

Because spring is inherently such a good time for a roof replacement, the main issue you are likely to run into is that numerous other Delaware homeowners feel the same way. With many people putting off roof repairs and replacements during the winter months, the demand for these projects tends to rise come March or April.

The temporary imbalance between supply and demand means you will pay a higher price for your roofing materials. You may also find it difficult to find a Delaware roofer with availability, or you must be flexible and adapt to their schedule. However, it shouldn’t be as bad as if you put off the project until the end of summer or early fall. During those months, you are likely to see more dramatic roofing rate increases, and it could be more of a hassle trying to nail down a roofing contractor for your project.

Finally, although the weather is generally temperate from March to May, it can still be a bit unpredictable in spring. Showers or late snowfall can lead to small delays in your project. If you’re alright with a staggered schedule, this isn’t a major problem. However, if you need firm dates for your new roof installation, it’s better to wait until summer.

Scheduling Your Roof Replacement in Delaware

If you’re uncertain whether now is the best time for a roof replacement in Delaware, the best course of action is to reach out a local roofing contractor, like Bromwell Construction Company. We can share our upcoming availability and provide you with a rough budget estimate and projected timeline for how long the project will take to complete during the springtime. We have experience doing roof repairs and replacements during all seasons, and whether you tackle the project this spring or wait until later in the year, you’re guaranteed a high level of service, open communication, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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