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12 Kitchen Design Trends to Update Your Delaware Home in 2019

If you want to add maximum value to your home—for your own sake or for selling the house in the future—one of the best places to start is the kitchen. Not only do you want this space to be functional and well-designed, but also up to date and visually eye-catching.

Some aspects of your kitchen design will depend on your personal preferences and what you are comfortable with, but it’s also wise to stay abreast of current kitchen design trends. There may be new features, potential renovations, and remodeling kitchen ideas you hadn’t considered but that could enhance the beauty, efficiency, and performance of your kitchen. Additionally, you can ensure you are retaining the maximum value of that space by keeping it in vogue. Here’s a quick look at an array of popular and affordable 2019 kitchen trends:

1. Contemporary Backsplashes

Whether you are installing a new backsplash or renovating your existing one, you should choose a material that is chic, with colors and textures that visually diversify your space. When it comes to contemporary kitchen backsplash ideas, Moroccan tile makes a bold, beautiful statement, and is easy enough to maintain.

2. Open Shelving

One of the kitchen update ideas that appears to be ceaselessly in style is replacing upper kitchen cabinets with open shelving that can showcase antiques, elegant kitchenware, or heirlooms. This shelving can be made from metal, wood, or glass—whatever will integrate well into your overall kitchen design.

3. Uncommon Sinks

You can turn your sink area from a bland necessity into a beautiful centerpiece by selecting a sink that is unusual and alluring. Farmhouse sinks are being replaced in popularity by unique sinks made of cast iron, gold, or copper that feature intricate patterns and stunning designs, according to an article on 2019 kitchen trends from Medium.

4. Banquette Seating

Anticipated to be one of 2019’s most popular kitchen trends, built-in banquette seating is an efficient use of space that provides a much-needed alternative to formal dining rooms. You can still entertain guests or have large family get-togethers by incorporating banquette seating into an oversized island or kitchen nook.

5. Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a captivating, yet durable material, which is why quartz countertops continue to trend. They have an appealing natural luster and are especially hard, creating a working surface that is suitable for all your kitchen tasks and easy to maintain. Compare the best kitchen materials to learn more.

6. Two-Tone Cabinets

Whether you prefer dark kitchen cabinets or bright ones, you can have the best of both worlds and achieve a modern look with two-tone cabinets. Some trendy color combinations include farmhouse black and gold, seafoam and white, eggplant and white, gray and wood, and pale wood and black.

7. Butcher Block Countertops

A wood butcher block countertop can add warmth to all-white or black kitchens while providing a versatile, low-maintenance surface. Kitchen countertops get used for more than cooking, and a butcher block countertop is durable enough to handle a variety of tasks, from building small projects to creating artwork and doing child-friendly activities outside of meal time.

8. Matte Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re wanting to maintain a modern look, choose kitchen cabinets with a matte finish rather than high-gloss. This style picked up pace a couple years ago and remains a contemporary kitchen design feature. Matte cabinets will often hide blemishes and smudges better than their glossy counterparts.

9. Gold Accents

Gold seems to be one of the best colors for kitchen finishes and accents this year. There are plenty of ways to incorporate gold into your kitchen in 2019, from gold pendant lighting or cabinet hardware to a gold tile backsplash.

10. Under-counter Appliances

The time has come to relocate large appliances, such as microwaves, from upper cabinets or countertops to lower cabinets. The benefit of doing so is a clean, uncluttered look to your kitchen, without decreasing efficiency.

11. A Splash of Color

All-white kitchens are decreasing in popularity, and homeowners instead are opting for custom cabinets or an island dressed in a deep jewel tone or dark stain. As you mull over kitchen cabinet color ideas, some rich tones to consider include sapphire, emerald, ruby, or amethyst, as well as black, fruitwood, and warm chestnut stains.

12. Bright Appliances

If you are not ready to commit to a colorful island or bright cabinets, you can still incorporate color into your kitchen through your appliances. Instead of stainless steel, choose appliances with vibrant colors, such as candy apple red, burnt orange, sunshine yellow, or robin’s egg blue.

Designing Your Modern Kitchen

Bromwell Construction Company considers the kitchen to be “the heart of your home.” We are dedicated to providing you a visually stunning, up-to-date and customized space through full-scale kitchen design, installation, and renovation services in Delaware. We can help you choose which kitchen design ideas will fit in your budget and enhance your quality of life while improving the structure and efficiency of your kitchen space in 2019 and beyond.

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