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2021 Bathroom Trends You Need to See

For some people, a bathroom is much more than a basic, functional space. It becomes a haven from the wearing aspects of the day, a place of singular comfort and refreshment. If you find yourself imagining a day when your bathroom might finally meet your expectations, it is easy to get lost in all the possible floor-plans and styles. Before you start narrowing down paint colors and towels, take a moment to envision these bathroom décor and design trends for 2021.

What is Trending in Bathroom Design? 

If you looked at bathroom trends in 2019, you might be surprised to see how much they have changed. Consider these updates to make your bathroom fit for a 2020s lifestyle.

1. Wallpaper 

Paint has enjoyed a decades-long grip on the design world, but wallpaper is most definitely coming back into vogue. Wallpaper is such an excellent opportunity to show off your unique style and the colors of the season. Old styles, not unlike the ones you saw in your grandmother’s bathroom, were much harder to maintain and remove. Current options can give your bathroom a 2020s look, coupled with the ability to wipe clean with a sponge or remove it when you are ready to update.

2. Antique Brass Finishes

If the 2010s focused on removing every hint of warmth from the interior spaces, 2021 devotes energy to bringing it back. Yellow is hardly a dangerous color, and the sight of antique brass connotes warm, sunny days and jaunty music. Incorporate this finish into your bathroom and you will be able to keep the space feeling soft and cozy, even if you surround it in marble.

3. Rain Showers

As you browse through the best bathroom remodeling ideas, it is worth remembering that you do not have to be afraid of new bath technologies. Rain showers, as well as multiple shower heads or full-body shower designs, provide you with options for washing and relaxing. A wide rain shower head falling from the ceiling offers you a gentle source to cool down from a rough day. A full-body shower might be just what you need to soothe tight muscles or make it easy to wash quickly in advance of the day.

4. Heated Floors

A walk across a cold tile floor in the middle of winter is a struggle that you do not need to have. Heated floors are a must-have for your master bathroom purely from a comfort standpoint, although there are other benefits. This technology uses heat radiated through tubes under your flooring to keep the surface cozy and provide additional heat to the room. Bathroom remodeling is the best time to make such an upgrade since you are already replacing the flooring. Because this system does not rely on ductwork, you may find it is much more efficient as well.

5. Industrial Bathroom

Although there will probably always be a place for the minimalist bath aesthetic, trendsetters are taking it in a distinctly industrial direction. This trend encourages you to show all the parts. If you can imagine something a little closer to “Edward Scissorhands” than “The Pioneer Woman,” you have a good grasp of the theme. Instead of a vanity with a cabinet, you might opt for a sink with a steampunk pipework underneath. Select black shower trim for the perfect shower aesthetic and no rust. An industrial bathroom light completes the look.

What Is the Latest Color Trend for Bathrooms?

Warm, neutral colors have taken over bathroom design trends, and for good reason. You deserve a comfortable space with all the beautiful colors and textures from nature: sunlight, tall grasses, wood, clay, and sky. If you want to create a nature-inspired bathroom that meets all the latest trends, consider a few abstract designs using these colors. Even if you lack the wall space, you can always select a creative bath shower curtain to unify your theme.

What Are the Tile Trends for 2021?

Tile was made for bathrooms since it is so durable and easy to maintain. While a seamless stone tile in marble or granite will always add a touch of luxury to your space, the current tile trends might take you in a significantly different direction.

Handcrafted Tile

If you are ready to break free of the minimalist, black-and-white aesthetic of the 2010s, you should know that the tile industry is ready to meet you. Handcrafted and hand-painted tile is becoming very popular again, meant to mimic cottage styles of centuries past. A California style bathroom unifies the nature-loving, neutral styles of the bathroom with tilework that fits right in with the Old World.

Hexagonal Shapes

One search for Cersaie, the annual exhibition of international tile and bath designs, yields a vast array of hexagon-shaped tiles in all colors and styles. Instead of relying on large tiles with seamless grout lines, these tiles are small and meant to stand out. You can select a single color or build a pattern that creates its own interest in your shower or bathroom wall.

Warm Neutrals

Tiles often come in warm, neutral colors, but you can use 2021 as your excuse to go a bit bolder. Instead of choosing a cream or a custard, go big with brown, dark green or red clay. These colors offer the ideal balance between the clean lines of a spa bathroom vanity and the plush softness of your towels and bath mat.

After taking a trip through the latest bathroom trends, you can probably imagine how your bathroom might look when you hire an expert to handle the remodeling project. For more ideas and general pricing estimates, be sure to check out our bathroom remodel cost guide. To find out how Bromwell Construction can give you the bathroom you have always wanted, request an estimate today.