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8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2021

If you’re considering a home improvement project in 2021, a great place to start is the bathroom. Whether it’s upgrading a high-traffic shared family bathroom to be more functional and resilient or transforming your master bath into a luxurious and relaxing environment, bathroom remodeling adds to your household’s happiness while also increasing the value of your property in Delaware.

As you plan your remodeling project, the first step is to evaluate what you do and don’t like about the current space; the primary users now and in the future; and if your tastes have evolved since first designing your house. Additionally, you should keep an eye on what’s trending for bathroom remodeling in Delaware to get ideas about what popular items could further enhance the appeal of your space.

2021 Trends for Bathroom Remodels in Delaware

The year 2020 heightened awareness about cleanliness and hygiene, even at home, and that attention is likely to play into what bathroom remodeling projects are popular in the new year. Fortunately, you can prioritize features and fixtures that contribute to your family’s health and wellbeing without sacrificing style.

While designing your bathroom remodel in Wilmington, Delaware, here is a look at some of the trends that are on the rise in 2021:

1. Half Walls

Half walls—also known as knee walls or partition walls—are generally about 3 feet tall. If you don’t want to completely separate or compartmentalize different sections of your bathroom, half walls are a great alternative. Typically constructed around a shower wall, bathtub surround or toilet, knee walls lend privacy without making the space feel cramped and uncomfortable. Additionally, they are convenient for hiding plumbing and providing additional wall space where you can install fixtures like shelves, towel racks, grab bars or toilet paper holders. Beyond that, they are an interesting architectural element that can serve as a focal point when given a unique splash of color or tile pattern.

2. Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are an effective way to give a touch of personality and visual texture to an otherwise minimalistic and sleek contemporary bathroom without creating clutter. You can incorporate trendy geometric patterns into your backsplash, shower walls, flooring or bathtub surround. The beauty of porcelain tiling is that it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to match the rest of your bathroom aesthetic. You can use large geometric tiles for the floor or create an intricate and intriguing wall design with smaller mosaics. There are numerous possibilities; it’s all about the colors you choose and the pattern you create.

3. Rain Shower Heads

Spa-style bathrooms are on the rise and with them, rain shower heads. As the name implies, these fixtures are designed to replicate the sensation of falling rain. They are often larger—ranging from 6 inches and up—and contain more nozzles than traditional shower heads, giving you more water coverage when you’re showering. You can mount your rain shower from the ceiling or the wall, with the former being preferable to get the full rainfall effect. Another decision to make is whether you want a single-function or multi-function shower head. Keep in mind that the larger the diameter of the fixture, the weaker the water pressure.

4. Multiple Shower Heads

Another shower-centric remodeling idea is to install multiple shower heads in your space. The most common types of shower heads include:

  • Fixed, single-spray shower head
  • Handheld shower head
  • Slide bar shower head
  • Ceiling-mounted rain shower head
  • LED shower head
  • Full-body shower panel
  • Dual shower head

Your space can include a combination of these options to support the atmosphere and function you desire. Also consider who typically uses the bathroom. For example, in a family or children’s bathroom, you may want to include a handheld or slide bar shower head that makes it easier and more comfortable for younger, shorter people to rinse off.

5. Natural Wood Shelves and Vanities

As a material for bathroom vanities and shelves, natural wood has the benefit of being both durable and versatile. Some of the most popular options for solid hardwood include oak, cherry and maple. However, you can customize the finish and configuration of your vanities or shelves to complement nearly any design style, from contemporary and traditional to shabby chic, farmhouse or Mediterranean. Natural wood adds a sense of richness and luxury to your bathroom, regardless of size. You can even select a floating vanity if you’re low on space or if you simply like the leaner, more compact look.

6. Shower Niche

Even in a large, upscale master bathroom, you want to maximize your use of available space. One effective way to do so is installing a shower niche, or a recessed storage space built directly into the shower wall. These features are also called bathrooms niches, built-in shower shelves, shower cubbies or shower nooks, and they typically fall into one of two categories: Tiled and finished. As part of your bathroom design, they provide a permanent, waterproofed space for storing your everyday shower essentials without using bulky organizers or awkward shelves that jut out.

7. Antique Brass and Black Fixtures

All-white bathrooms have a timeless appeal, but in recent years, they’ve been overshadowed by moodier and bolder color palettes. Matte black fixtures, in particular, have seen a surge in popularity. You can embrace an all-black bathroom with touches of vibrant color for a striking modern look or pick a few fixtures to stand out against a lighter background. You have multiple options as nearly all fixtures, from bathtubs and toilets to showerheads, sinks and faucets, are available in black. Antique brass is also a sophisticated alternative to stainless steel or zinc that makes your space feel warmer and more luxurious.

8. Frameless Shower Door

For your bathroom remodel or addition in Delaware, consider integrating a frameless shower door for a modern, streamlined look. This style is especially suitable for a minimalistic bathroom design with seamless transitions and an open-air concept. The tempered glass of a frameless shower door is dense enough to support itself, so you eliminate the need for a metal support. Frameless showers also mitigate mold and mildew buildup and are easier to clean. Plus, they better showcase your beautiful tilework.

Delaware Bathroom Remodeling in 2021

Your bathroom has the potential to be more than a mere utilitarian space. With a few upgrades, whether minor or major, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish retreat or peaceful sanctuary that provides more than the bare minimum. At Bromwell Construction Company, we are experienced with an array of bathroom sizes and styles, from modern and rustic to traditional and European. Regardless of your project goals, we are committed to providing a positive remodeling experience while also manifesting your vision for a beautiful, functional and efficient bathroom.