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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

In this pricing guide, you’ll learn more about:

  • Costs of different types of roofing materials
  • How labor and project size affect the cost
  • Which external property factors may affect the cost

We also offer free consultations if you want to talk about your home specifically and get feedback from a professional.

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Click Here to Download Your Guide


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Customer Reviews

We could go on for hours about the quality of our work, our family’s dedication to the craft of home remodeling, and other factors that separate Bromwell Construction from other contractors. But there are no voices more important than those of our past customers. Read what they’ve had to say about the experience of working with Bromwell Construction:

H. Inden

“We were very pleased with Frank Bromwell's company and their remodel of our bathroom. We live in a very old Victorian house in the City and they were very experienced with old city homes. His crew were great, friendly and very professional. Highly recommended.”

D. McMe

“Taking our bathroom down to the studs and putting in a new one the experience with Bromwell was excellent.”

H. Baker

“Bromwell came out and installed a new roof and did an awesome job. I hired them back to do my windows. Start to finish, both times were an awesome experience. Everything looks awesome. Would highly recommend.”