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5 Trending Windows for Home Remodels

When was the last time you checked into the condition and function of your windows? Unless you are planning a home renovation in 2021, or you open and close them on a regular basis, windows tend to pass without notice.

However, windows are an integral part of your home’s style, in addition to fulfilling several key functions, such as facilitating natural light from the outdoors and cross-ventilation. If you are looking for ways to improve your residential space in Delaware, replacing your windows is a good place to start.

What are the Most Popular Window Styles?

If you decide your Delaware home is in need of replacement windows, the next question is whether you should stick with the size and style of windows you currently have—and simply install a newer model—or if you should replace them with a whole different type of window to give your home a fresh new look.

In general, this could be your opportunity as a homeowner to install new windows that operate differently or give the space an upgrade stylistically by changing out ones that are out of trend. You even have the option of enlarging the size of the opening or turning windows into doors.

As you peruse different selections, including frame materials and types of glass, here are a few trending window styles and features to consider for your Delaware home:

1. Black-Frame Windows

Windows with dark frames have been around for a long time, but their popularity is enjoying new heights as of late. From an aesthetic viewpoint, black frames are sleek and elegant, and they work well within numerous home styles, including contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, colonial and country chic. One of the most popular materials used for black-frame windows is steel. If you don’t want to make that kind of investment, you can opt for vinyl, aluminum-clad, or painted wood windows instead.

2. Built-in Blinds

Windows with built-in blinds are also trending for home makeovers in Delaware. Not only do integrated blind windows look fresh and modern, they provide a couple benefits for homeowners. First, if you have pets or small children, having built-in blinds can be safer than traditional ones. Additionally, they are more convenient and easier to clean. Since the blind is integrated into the glass, it won’t collect dust and grime, which is good news if you desire low maintenance around the house. Between safety, convenience, and minimal maintenance, windows with integrated blinds can be an attractive option for your improvement project

3. Millwork on Window Frames

For some home design styles, a window frame with a decorative accent is the perfect addition. Beaded millwork and elegant moldings can be incorporated into your windows frames for an ornamental effect. This is an especially fitting and popular selection if you have other wood accents and millwork incorporated into your home’s interior. Decorative window frames add a sort of lush authenticity to your home’s interior, giving the impression that the window in question came straight from the mill. 

4. Sleek, Minimalistic Grids

Whether your windows are casement, double-hung or sliding, you can update how they look by installing grids, mullions and muntins, which are the vertical strips of material that separate glass panes. Minimalistic black grids are a trending choice in 2021 because of their sophisticated simplicity that leaves the glass mostly unencumbered. Prairie-style grids—which feature nine panes of unequal size per sash—are enjoying a resurgence of popularity as well. As an older American architectural design, they blend well into a historic home. You can also go with the standard colonial grid, which has six individual panes. Keep in mind that the texture of your grid, and whether it is flat or contoured, can also impact how it looks inside your home.

5. Motorized Window Treatments

In this day and age, homeowners are discovering both the convenience and increased safety of using motorized window treatments, rather than dealing with a mess of cords. Cordless and automated window shade and blinds are becoming more and more standardized in the 21st century. These high-tech touches can update the look and feel of your home. When your windows are located behind a couch or other furniture, making cords inaccessible, you can manipulate the shades or blinds with the click of a button instead. Plus, you can open them from a different room.

Replacing Your Windows in Delaware

When you are choosing replacement windows for your home in Delaware, there are numerous factors to take into consideration, from energy efficiency and noise pollution to home security, maintenance and functionality. Additionally, you want to choose a type of window and the right treatments to fit the aesthetic of your home’s interior. With upgraded styles and materials, you can modernize your house and improve its resale value. However, choosing replacement windows that achieve that goal is easier said than done. That’s where our team at Bromwell Construction comes in. We can introduce you to a range of trending windows and provide insight on their pros and cons, giving you the ability to make an informed decision and make a selection that fits the look of your home, as well as your unique lifestyle.