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7 Ways to Make a Smaller Bathroom Bigger

If you’ve ever been in a large, fully outfitted bathroom, whether it be on vacation, at your old home or a friend’s house, you know how luxurious this type of open and spacious environment can feel.

However, many homeowners in the Delaware area do not have the latitude to transform each bathroom in their house into an expansive space that is big enough to fit all the amenities and features you could desire. However, developing a design for a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean you have to skimp on functionality and luxurious components. Plus, there are several ways you can remodel your bathroom to make it look and feel larger than it is.

How Can I Make My Delaware Bathroom More Spacious? 

Bathrooms, by nature, tend to be smaller spaces compared to other residential rooms—particularly in older homes in Delaware. Unfortunately, a cramped bathroom often lacks both functionality and comfort, undermining the efficiency of daily living for you and your family.

If you are remodeling a bathroom and don’t have the ability to expand the square footage out, here are a few ways to maximize the space you have available and make the whole environment seem bigger:

1. Remove a Linen Closet 

Soaking in a bathtub is not for everyone, but rinsing off in a spacious, spa-quality shower is almost universally appealing. If you are creating a master bathroom without a tub, you should have more space for a large walk-in shower with a couple varieties of water faucets or shower heads for a leisurely experience. Frameless glass doors, or completely foregoing a door, is currently trending. Frameless doors are easier to clean, plus they can make a smaller master bath appear more open and spacious. If you plan to age in place in your current Delaware home, consider installing a curbless shower with built-in seating.

2. Add Recessed Shelves 

In many scenarios, a master bathroom is shared by two adults, and having a little extra personal space can go a long way in making the room more functional and comfortable. Having two sinks or a double vanity is also a chance to get creative in your dream master bathroom. Your sink stations can be separate, or even in different areas of the bathroom, or you can integrate both sinks into a large, custom vanity. As for the sink itself, there are plenty of high-end options: wall-mounted, pedestal or integrated; metal, ceramic or solid surface; and multiple colors, textures and sizes.

3. Use Space-Saving Bathroom Fixtures 

It is rather unpleasant to step out of a warm shower or steaming tub and onto a cold tile or hardwood floor—especially on a frigid Delaware morning during winter. While once perceived as a luxury, radiant-heat flooring has become a bathroom must-have. If you are already remodeling your master bathroom and switching up your flooring, there’s no time like the present to install this feature and take the atmosphere of the space up a notch. The best part is that radiant heat is compatible with a variety of flooring materials, such as ceramic or glass tile, luxury vinyl, hardwood and linoleum.

4. Install a Pedestal or Floating Sink 

After the events of 2020, homeowners in Delaware have become more conscientious about limiting the spread of germs and creating more convenient residential spaces. One area where that concern is being manifested is the bathroom. As a result, automatic or touchless fixtures—such as a toilet, faucets and light switches—are gaining popularity. Not only do these cutting-edge features make your daily routine easier and more convenient, but you also don’t have to spend as much time making sure they are clean and germ-free.

5. Opt for a Larger Mirror 

This idea is more about creating an optical illusion as opposed to maximizing physical space in your bathroom, but it can still do the trick. When you’re remodeling your bathroom in Delaware, consider installing a larger mirror, as it can add the illusion of extra space and reflect more light back into the rest of the room. Plus, mirrors are a fairly simple component to install, and you can easily change out this feature if you decide to remodel and alter your bathroom design aesthetic again in the future. Another tip? Frameless mirrors and shower doors can also help your bathroom feel larger.

6. Use a Lighter Color Palette 

While dark, moody bathrooms are currently in, you may want to opt for a lighter color palette for your smaller bathroom. Soft whites, beiges, blues and other lighter hues can make your bathroom feel bigger, brighter and more airy, whereas dark and saturated colors give off a cozier atmosphere that could make a smaller space seem extra cramped and closed-in. Some popular bathroom colors for 2021 include: moody greens, pale blues, warm neutrals, bright white, and earth-inspired yellows.

7. Install Sliding Doors 

Most bathrooms have to include clearance for a standard-issue traditional door that swings open and close. However, when you’re looking to maximize precious space during your bathroom remodel in Delaware, you may want to consider a sliding or pocket door that provides necessary access and frees up some adjacent area to make your smaller bathroom seem bigger. Bifold doors are another way to save precious space in your small bathroom.

Optimizing Your Small Bathroom in Delaware 

Small bathrooms are a common feature of any home in Delaware. When planning a remodel, you have the opportunity to figure out how to optimize your bathroom, create extra surface and storage area, and address your particular lifestyle needs. At Bromwell Construction, our goal is to help you with that process. We will handle both the design and construction of your bathroom makeover to ensure you are given a spacious, efficient and lovely home for many years to come.