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7 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas


Your kitchen cabinet hardware may seem like a minor, even irrelevant detail, but in many ways, the various pulls and knobs that adorn your fixtures act as the jewelry of the space. They also serve an undeniably practical purpose.

Choosing the hardware for your cabinets may be one of the final decisions you make during your kitchen remodel in Delaware, but it certainly isn’t insignificant. Your selection has the power to contribute to, or detract from, the overall style of your kitchen, as well as its performance.

Kitchen Hardware Ideas for Your Delaware Remodel

There is a myriad of different pulls, knobs, handles and other opening-mechanisms you can select when remodeling your kitchen in northern Delaware. That fact can make the process both fun and a little overwhelming. The right cabinet hardware for your project depends primarily on your design aesthetic. If you’re creating a French country or industrial-style kitchen, you’ll choose something different than if you have a contemporary or Mediterranean kitchen.

You also want to consider your kitchen layout, how you need each set of cabinets to function, and who are the primary users when making your decision. For example, kitchen hardware pulls are generally easier to use than cabinet knobs because you can grip them with your whole hand as opposed to just your fingers, which may be helpful for young children or older residents.

If you need some inspiration for your upcoming kitchen renovation in Delaware, here are a few popular cabinet hardware ideas to consider:

1. Glass Knobs

Glass makes for some stunning decorative cabinet knobs , enabling them to truly fulfill their role as the jewelry of your kitchen. They are best suited for an upscale kitchen remodel where you have already incorporated rich tones and high-end materials. There are more antique-looking glass knobs to use for a traditional or country chic kitchen, while crystal and glass are also fitting for a sleek contemporary space. You can find glass knobs in numerous styles from simple and understated to intricate and elegant. Some also possess a slight, translucent color that could elevate the entire atmosphere in your kitchen.

2. Bar Pulls

Bar pulls have a much more substantial look due in part to their size and stature. Most are several inches long. However, that extra weight, when distributed in a clean straight line, can effectively mimic the other shapes and edges of your kitchen for a pleasingly cohesive and streamlined look. This style is best suited for a farmhouse, Craftsman, or modern kitchen. Regardless of your color palette, however, there is a bar pull with the right finish to match.

3. Soft, Delicate Designs

The words “sleek” and “minimal” are often associated with modern-style kitchens, but even if you’re redoing your space with a traditional farmhouse or other aesthetic, consider softer, less-conspicuous hardware. You also can get creative with this design element, borrowing unique hardware pieces that were originally intended for other furniture and using them in the kitchen. In an eclectic or transitional kitchen, pair your unique cabinet hardware with more substantial and conventional pieces.

4. Antique Brass

Brass is a versatile color for your kitchen cabinetry hardware, and it’s available in several finishes such as matte, antique, and brushed. Long, lean brass pulls and smaller knobs can adapt to various styles and color schemes, giving you plenty of freedom when remodeling your kitchen in Delaware. Whether you utilize cup pulls, ornate knobs, or pared-down handles, brass is a fitting choice.

5. Minimal Design

Maybe you want a distinctly clean, uncluttered atmosphere in your kitchen. In that case, consider doing away with handles and other hardware altogether. There are several different types of handleless cabinetry solutions, from simple cut-outs to recessing a solid stainless-steel channel in the top of the cabinet door. This also prevents the accumulation of smudges and fingerprints, bolstering the appearance of your chic, streamlined kitchen.

6. Matte Black

Black is becoming a popular color choice for various kitchen components, including walls, cabinets, flooring and appliances. Cabinet hardware is no exception. Whether distressed, matte, or satin, black kitchen pulls and handles are striking. You can pair them with dark or light cabinets, such as natural wood in a farmhouse-style kitchen or distressed white cabinets in a French country kitchen. They also look good with stainless steel and painted wood of almost any color. The options are plentiful.

7. Gold Finishes

Another trend in kitchen cabinets is to use hardware with gold finishes. They look especially appealing if you have a gold sink faucet to match. Gold is less versatile than black or brass, especially when it comes to color pairings. However, with black or other rich-colored cabinets, you achieve an elegant and distinct aesthetic. There are also different golden hues and finishes, such as rose gold, champagne gold, polished gold, honey gold, and French gold, which gives you more flexibility than you may think.

Transforming Your Kitchen in Delaware

When you want a simple refresh for your kitchen, cabinet hardware is a good place to start. However, this element is also part of any major project that seeks to transform the space from top to bottom. At Bromwell Construction, we are committed to the idea of custom kitchen remodels. That means no detail is too large or too small to be considered when planning a tailored upgrade to the heart of your home. Our team can give your kitchen the makeover it needs to help you maximize the space you already own and turn it into a room that’s perfectly tailored to your family.

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