Bathroom Remodels

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It is an oft-stated truism that the home is one’s castle. Your bathroom, therefore, can be seen as your personal sanctuary, a place of retreat for cleansing, relaxing and clearing your mind. Considering the amount of time people spend in their bathrooms, it should come as no surprise that these rooms play a critical role in adding value to your home while providing a fantastic outlet for you to express your unique personality.

The good news is that you don’t have to be royalty to afford a stylish bathroom with cutting-edge amenities. At Bromwell Construction, we are committed to providing our customers with beautiful, spacious and efficient bathrooms that will fit any price point.

What Bathroom Services Do We Offer?

You name it. We cover the gamut from simple appliance installation to full renovations.

  Custom Bathrooms

If you’re looking to have a new bathroom installed, we offer designs to suit every taste and budget. From modern and chic to eclectic and historical, we will implement whatever design you require at an unbeatable price. Our extensive catalog includes templates for some of the most in-demand bathroom styles today. Categories include:

Contemporary Bathrooms
Historic Bathrooms
European/Victorian Bathrooms
Eclectic Bathrooms
Rustic Bathrooms

We have extensive experience with installation of all bathroom sizes in both adjacent and free-standing formations.

Master Bathrooms
Guest Bathrooms
Full, Half & Three-Quarter Bathrooms
Powder Rooms

  Our Installation Process

Just as we do with our other custom installations, we employ a standard process when designing your new bathroom. The process can be scaled up or down according to your requirements. It all begins with a design you have or one that we make together.

  1. Design phase
  2. Demolition
  3. Subfloor repair, removing existing walls or framing for new walls
  4. Rough plumbing
  5. Rough electrical
  6. Installation of bathtub or shower pan
  7. Hang and finish drywall
  8. Prep and paint drywall
  9. Install tile bathtub or shower surround
  10. Install finished floor
  11. Install vanities, countertops and toilets
  12. Install faucets and other water fixtures
  13. Install lights, mirrors and other accessories
  14. Final punch list and touchups

  Bathroom Remodeling

Just looking to have your floor re-tiled or your space lighting replaced? We do that too. We’ll add value to your bathroom by upgrading any of its key components or accessories. Here’s just a short list of what we do:

♦ Tile floor and grout installation/replacement
Walls & Ceiling
♦ Waterproof paint
♦ Vent installation/replacement
♦ Task lighting
♦ mirror backlights
♦ cross-illumination
♦ toekick / path lighting
♦ Accent lighting
♦ Decorative lighting
♦ chandeliers
♦ wall sconces
Special Features
♦ Heated flooring
♦ Steam showers
Ergonomic Upgrades
Ceiling Fixtures
Appliance Installation

For examples of our past work, please check out our Bathroom Installation & Remodeling photo gallery. Click here to read testimonials from our satisfied customers.