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Finishing a Basement

Maximize the Space You Already Have

Ah, the basement. For many homeowners, it’s that sprawling, cob-web infested medieval dungeon lurking just beneath the surface of an otherwise cozy and habitable home.

If the thought of your basement calls to mind images from a 1920s Bela Lugosi film, or even if you just find yourself casually referring to it as “the cellar,” perhaps it’s time to seriously consider providing this room with a five-star makeover.

Basement remodeling can be one of the most satisfying projects a homeowner can elect to have done by a competent contractor.

Common Reasons to Remodel Your Basement 

Rather than sell your home to accommodate an expanding family, you can maximize the potential of this hidden gem by turning it into:

  • A State-of-the-Art Entertainment Room
  • An Extra Bedroom
  • A Playroom
  • A Suite of Guest Rooms

Or dedicate it to your own personal use by making it into:

  • A Gym

  • A Music or Art Studio

  • An Indoor Pool Room

  • A Suite of Guest Rooms

  • A Sub-Level Garage

Download the guide above to understand the average cost to remodel a basement in Philadelphia and Delaware.

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