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When people talk about housing, they often use the idiom, “a roof overhead,” which exemplifies exactly how important a roof is as a component of the complete structure. If a roof is damaged or leaking, it undermines the essential function of a home.

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While it is easy to recognize the need of replacing a decrepit roof, and the value of doing so as soon as possible, there are other important issues to address, such as the cost of a new roof. Since many homeowners in Wilmington, Delaware, and throughout New Castle County are likely to have to undergo a roof replacement at some point, it’s good to look ahead and figure out what you can expect to pay for that home renovation project.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Once you notice your roof is no longer in good condition and small patch-work won’t fix the problem, it’s time to start preparing for a roof replacement. As with most home repair projects, it can be difficult to determine exactly when the answer to “Do I need a new roof?” is “Yes.” However, with a project such as this, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Delaying a necessary roof replacement may cause additional damage to other parts of your house or your belongings, which leads you to incur other home renovation costs.

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According to information from Manta, one of the largest online resources for small businesses, roof replacement costs in New Castle County ranged from about $6,184 to $7,948 in 2019. The majority of homeowners paid an average of $7,066, as the flat roof replacement cost per square foot was about $5 to $6 for materials, however, Bromwell Construction provides flat roof replacement for around $4 a square foot for materials.

If you’re budgeting for the cost to replace the roof of a 2,000 sq. ft. house – which generally means the roof is about 2,108 sq. ft. – you can expect to pay about $7,400 to $10,500, on average, in Delaware. The above numbers include not only materials, but also the average costs for labor, equipment, surface preparation, machinery, and cleanup.

However, that estimate does not include other costs, such as:

  • Required permits
  • Building and/or inspection fees
  • Sales taxes on materials and supplies

The type of roof you are replacing in terms of style and material also affects the overall price you pay for the project. For example, flat roof installation in Delaware is on the lower end of the cost spectrum compared to installing a tile, metal, slate, or wood shake roof. The cost for an asphalt shingle roof installation is comparable to that of a flat roof. If you’re worried about financing, consider the various ways you can finance your roof project. Also, keep in mind the price may vary depending on whether you choose roof overlay or tear off roofing.

If you’re not sure if it’s time for a new roof yet, use our 9 item Roof Inspection Checklist to help you decide.

Paying for a Roof Replacement

Part of being a homeowner is bearing the expenses for keeping your property and house in good shape. However, your roof replacement may be covered by warranty, depending on the type of damage. For instance, most manufacturer warranties only cover the materials themselves and protect you in case they are defective and break down before they reasonably should.

All-perils homeowners insurance policies also typically cover roof replacements if the damage was the result of what’s called “an act of nature.” Homeowners insurance, however, won’t cover damage caused by lack of maintenance or general wear and tear.

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One benefit of working with a professional home improvement contractor, such as Bromwell Construction Company, is that we coordinate directly with insurance companies on behalf of homeowners to keep one more thing off your plate. 

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