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How long does it take to remodel a kitchen? Well, the reality is that it depends on several factors. To answer the question of how long does a kitchen remodel take, let’s look at the different factors that can impact a project.

But before we even get into the nuts and bolts of a kitchen remodel, let’s cover a few critical points. Much of how any home remodeling turns out has to do with how the homeowner handles things as well as how effective they are at making decisions in terms of what they want and their budget.

The better at planning and product selection, the easier and less expensive the whole renovation process will be. Making decisions and not changing them will also enable a faster, easier and more successful project.

Determining a budget and sticking with it also will make a huge difference in terms of the results.

So, let’s see how to remodel a kitchen and how long it might take.

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Kitchen


This is the most important phase of any kitchen remodel. Miss some steps along the way and there’s going to be headaches later!

The goal of planning is to determine the following:

  • Project Scope – exactly how much work do you want to do
  • Budget – Here’s where project scope meets reality. It’s also where there is a lot of editing until scope and budget are in agreement with each other.
  • Finding the team – While you can go it alone, that will take a lot of man hours to manage and coordinate. And for many homeowners, the headaches, delays and additional cost overruns are far greater than having a pro handle all of these headaches for you.
  • Estimates and Final Budget – Once you have a team in place, the budget can be finalized and the scope of the project as well

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If you have kids, they are going to love watching the demolition process! It creates quite a noisy mess but it’s the first step in moving towards the kitchen of your dreams.

Make sure that everything that isn’t being used in rooms close to the kitchen are either removed or well covered. The dust that can be created seeps everywhere.

This process can usually be done in a day and up to three days depending upon the size of the space as well as how much removal needs to be done.


Once the area has been cleared, it’s time to layout the design and mark where everything from cabinets, appliances, and outlets will go. It’s also a time when issues that couldn’t be seen before pop up. With the right team in place, modifications and adjustments will be made as needed.

This step is frequently completed within one day.

Mechanical Rough Ins

Mechanical rough-ins are when the plumber, electricians, HVAC teams show up for the first time. It can be quite a madhouse if not scheduled appropriately.

In general, the HVAC and plumbers arrive first and the electricians follow behind. Barring any surprises plumbers should take 1-2 days, HVAC 2-3 days and electrical is generally two days. So if you allocate up to one week, the project should stay on track.

Walls and Floors

Now it’s time for the space to start taking shape and begin to look like what you’ve been dreaming about. Up until now, many a homeowner wonders what they’ve gotten themselves into and if it’s ever going to look like they imagined….don’t worry, the magic is about to happen!

While this is a messy part with dust and debris flying, the kitchen is beginning to show itself. Make sure your contractor has plenty of plastic and tape covering the space and protecting the rest of the house from as much of the mess as possible.

Walls move a bit slowly and can take anywhere from one day to about one week depending upon how much demolition there was as well as reconfiguration of the spaces.

The process requires installing drywall, taping and then sealing and perhaps priming the walls. At times it might also be good to paint the walls but that depends on the space and layout of the kitchen. Drywall with painting can be anywhere from 2 days to over one week based on size and configuration.

Once that’s completed, the flooring is installed. Tile is probably the slowest to install due to the number of steps in the process, but it does create a beautiful look. Estimating time to complete this phase depends on several factors. At minimum for laminate flooring, it’s likely to be at least a day. When it’s hardwood or tile, estimating up to 5 days based on size and layout is wise.

Cabinet Install

By now cabinets and appliances should be on site and ready for installation. At this point, the realization dawns that a beautiful new kitchen is coming to life.

Kitchen cabinets can usually be installed within one to three days based on number of cabinets and layout.


All countertop designs would have been calculated off of the kitchen design plans that were laid out at the outset of the project.

At this point, the counter people will come and verify that the plans were accurate and see what, if any, adjustments are needed before installing the counters.

Depending upon the types of counters, it can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks for the counters to be ready to be installed.

Once they are ready to be installed, most counter installations are completed within a day, occasionally there’s part of a second day required.


Appliance installation doesn’t actually have its own time slot in terms of when the appliances are installed. Factors such as when the appliances arrive, amount of storage space and the contractor team impact this phase of the project.

Many times the appliances are set in place to ensure that they fit but not hooked up or fully installed until after the counters are installed.

Finish work

Now’s the time when it seems like there are more contractors coming through than ever before – and that is the case. This usually takes place over two days and up to one week depending upon how big the project was.

At this time all the trim work, final mechanical work, touch ups, painting, and installations are happening. It might even appear that contractors are climbing all over each other and that wouldn’t be too far from wrong.

Finish carpenters are installing toe kick at the base of cabinets, handles, pulls and other finish features on cabinetry.

Mechanical contractors are coming in to hook everything up and install lighting wherever it’s been planned.

Final touch-ups to countertops, painting, and flooring are also done now.

And best of all…..all the mess and debris is cleared away and the kitchen is clean and ready to become a focal point of your home.

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Determining exactly how long a kitchen remodel will take depends on cost estimates as well as contractor availability. At a bare minimum, assume two months for a small project and up to five months for larger more extensive projects that include wall changes and room reconfigurations. While there might be some headaches along the way, the end result will be something that you and your family will live in and love for decades to come.

If you’ve decided that you are ready to take on this home improvement project, and are saying “I need to find someone that will do a kitchen remodel near me!” then contact us! We’d love to help you create the kitchen of your dreams starting today. Get your remodeling estimate now!

Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Delaware